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Special industrial lubricants

These are process fluids which ensure, thanks to their properties, technological requirements during metal-working, quenching, preservation, separation and de-moulding. Individual product ranges always cover technological processes, including the most demanding ones. A group of water-miscible cutting oils and machining fluids is able to create an ideal cutting environment ensuring minimisation of the friction coefficient during chip formation, and an incredible high heat removal from the cut area. A group of quenching oils is able to achieve required steel hardness even in case of difficult-to-quench materials, while coping with high demands for the elimination of deformations of thermally treated parts. A group of conservation fluids is able to ensure excellent preservation of parts, machines, machine units and technologies in production, warehousing and transport, including the sea transport. The demoulding preparations are especially used in the building industry in the production of concrete structures and pre-cast products. Separation preparations are used in the production and coating of bituminous permanent pavements.

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