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In the first half of 2018, all customers who will or have concluded a Long-term Declaration with Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. for three or more years will be included in the UNI Benefit program.

Through this program, which is intended for all types of customers with the above-mentioned form of cooperation, Unipetrol offers the following options:

1) Sampling and evaluation of the samples by independent accredited laboratories
2) Option of seling Ultra fuel including marketing support
3) Information support in terms of fuel quality or legislative changes, advice and support in dealing with current difficulties
4) Participation in selected events organized by Unipetrol - training, networking, sporting events

Long-term declaration in a nutshell:

Choose the Long-Term Declaration, if flexibility is of importance for you and / or you are not sure what volume of products you will need to buy per month, but you also want to be sure about the delivery of the goods. The volume commitment is determined and defined for each calendar year, without the need for regular monthly subscriptions. Unipetrol RPA offers the opportunity to increase the volume up to 300% of the contracted liability. This type of cooperation is suitable especially for service station operators, farmers, and minor customers who wish to ensure the transport of purchased products. This is a long-term commitment for a period of two to five years (in case of entering the UNI BENEFIT PROGRAM, the condition of concluding the declaration is at least three years). Due to the long-term nature of the commitment, all customers are automatically granted a two month trial period during which they can withdraw from the Long-Term Declaration. The individual price component is set before signing the contract. Customers also have the possibility to receive additional discounts if they meet the conditions announced by Unipetrol RPA for a given period. These conditions are unified and valid for all customers who have signed a Long-Term Declaration.


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