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General characteristics

The liquid hydrocarbon dicyclopentadiene is produced by a technology developed by ORLEN Unipetrol's researchers in cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague.

The product has a wide range of uses in the automotive industry, construction, electrical engineering or medicine and pharmacy.

It is usable for further production of polymeric materials, resins or chemical specialties, which are used in the production of adhesives, dyes, automotive and marine components, optical fibres, special lenses, medical components, packaging materials or sanitary products for kitchens and bathrooms and the like.


​Para​meter​ Unit ​80% DCPD ​85% DCPD ​94% DCPD ​Test method
​DCPD​ ​% ww ​min. 78 ​min. 83,5 ​min. 92,5 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
​CPD (cyklopentadiene incl. cis1,3pentadiene) ​% ww ​max. 0,05 ​​max. 0,05 ​​max. 0,05 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
​benzene (incl. methylcyklopentene) ​ppm ww ​max. 10 ​max. 10 ​max. 1 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
​toluene ​ppm ww
​max. 20 ​max. 20 ​max. 20 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
butanol ​ppm ww
no limit no limit
​max. 3 ​LP-LA-ZM-38
Sum of lighter codimers (C10 with b.v. lower than DCPD /izomers CPD-isoprene, izomers CPD-piperylene/) ​% ww​
​no limit no limit
​max. 3,5 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
​Inhibitor Butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) ​ppm ww
100 - 200 100 - 200
​100 - 200 ​LP-LA-DCPD-7
​ppm ww
​max. 50 ​​max. 50 ​​max. 50 ​Polarographic
​water ​ppm ww
​no limit
​​max. 200 ​​​max. 200 ​ISO 760
​sulphur ​​ppm ww​ ​​​max. 20 ​​​max. 20 ​​​max. 20 ​EN ISO 20847
​colour ​HAZENA ​​​max. 100 ​​​​max. 100 ​​​​max. 100 ​EN ISO 6271




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