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Dicyclop​entadiene, CAS 77-73-6, is a colourless to yellowish liquid hydrocarbon from the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon fractions with a characteristic odour. DCPD is a very reactive substance and contains a stabiliser/inhibitor of peroxide formation. At 160°C it reversibly decomposes into two cyclopentadiene molecules - monomerizes.

The pro​duct is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP).


DCPD is inte​nded for industrial applications as an intermediate for polymer production and processing. For professional users only. The substance can be used for the production of polymer materials, resins or chemical specialties, which are used for example in the production of adhesives, dyes, automotive and marine components, optical fibres, special lenses, medical components, packaging materials or sanitary products for kitchens and bathrooms, etc. The product was fully registered as a substance according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).​


Specifications Unit DCPD ​82% ​DCPD 92% ​DCPD 94% ​Test met​hod
​DCPD​ ​% wt. ​min. 82 ​min. 92 ​min. 94 ​LP-LAB-07
​CPD (cyklopentadiene) ​% wt. ​max. 0,05 ​​max. 0,05 ​max. 0,05 ​LP-LAB-07
​Benzene ​ppm wt. ​max. 300 ​max. 100 max. 100​ ​LP-LAB-07
​Toluene ​ppm wt.
​max. 300 ​max. 100 ​max. 100 ​​LP-LAB-07
Co-dimers C10 (b.p. lower than DCPD) ​% wt.
max. 7 max. 7 ​max. 5 ​​LP-LAB-07
Trimers ​% wt.​
max. 0,1 max. 0,1 ​max. 0,1 ​​LP-LAB-07
Inhibitor BHT / p-TBC (Butylhydroxytoluene / p-tert-Butylcatechol) ppm wt.
100 - 200 100 - 200
​100 - 200 ​LP-LAB-07
​ppm wt.
​max. 15 ​​max. 15 ​​​max. 15 ​Polarography
​Water ​ppm wt.
​max. 300
​​max. 200 ​​​max. 200 ČSN ​ISO 760
​Sulphur ​​ppm wwt. ​​​max. 20 ​​​max. 20 ​​​​max. 20 ​ČSN EN ISO 20847
​Colour APHA ​​​max. 120 ​​​​max. 100 ​​​​​max. 100 ASTM D1209

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pac​kaging, storage and transportation

The product is filled into tank trucks or tank containers on road chassis. It is recommended to store the product in soft or stainless steel containers, in a cool, well-ventilated place with effective exhaust, away from heat sources and all sources of ignition. Rigid storage containers (vessels, containers) and related equipment should be grounded and protected against possible accumulation of static electricity. Detailed data on safety and health at work with DCPD is given in Material Safety Data Sheet of the manufacturer.​​



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