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HSRFO - High-Sulphur Residual Fuel Oil

General Characteristics

HSFRO is a mixture of a crude oil heavy residue formed mainly in thermal cracking of the distillation residues obtained from vacuum distillation during crude oil processing and the middle crude oil fraction boiling up to 360°C. Furthermore, it can contain an oil fraction obtained by vacuum distillation of cracked heavy crude oil residues.

Mostly, these are products that are not hydrotreated resulting in the Sulphur content up to 3%w/w.

The middle fraction is used as a component determining the resulting product´s viscosity and density. This property is also determined by the requirements of individual customers. Density at 15°C does not exceed 1000 kg.m-3 and the middle kinematic viscosity ranges according to the requirements to 60 mm2.s-1 at 100°C.


It is used as industrial fuel in heavy industry and as a component in the production of marine fuels.

Packing, storage, transport

Fuel oil is supplied in suitable tank rail cars equipped with heating coils. The applicable laws must be observed when storing, transporting, and handling fuel oils. (See the Safety Sheet)

The product is classified as hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 CLP.



Delivery Terms and Conditions
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Safety sh​eet

Business Contacts

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Head of ORP department
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