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Refinery Kralupy
​Since 2001, the Kralupy refinery has been a comprehensive conversion refinery with a modern fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit, which was used to develop the original hydroskimming refinery with an annual processing capacity of 3.3 million tons of oil. The existence of the MTBE unit ensures the ability to produce high-octane unleaded gasoline. The facilities produced within the "Clean Fuels" program enable production of low-sulphur and even sulphur free fuel. The Kralupy refinery is a producer of JET A1 aviation fuel, which is used at the Václav Havel airport Prague.
The Kralupy refinery processes low-sulphur crude oil transported via the IKL and TAL pipelines from Terst through Vohburg to Nelahozeves and Moravian oil transported via the Druzhba Pipeline. Automobile gasoline and diesel fuel produced in the Kralupy refinery is primarily transported by tanker trucks as well as by rail tankers and, to a lesser extent, product pipelines. The Kralupy refinery is managed from a modern control room, and great attention is devoted to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of refinery equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.
History of the refinery in Kralupy nad Vltavou
1901-1945 ... Existence of the Kralupy petroleum processing facility, which was destroyed by air raids in 1945 and was never restored.
1964 ... State decision regarding construction of the Central Bohemia refinery
1969 ... Commencement of construction of the New Refinery Kralupy (NRK) at the site of the state company Kaučuk
1975 ... Commencement of the NRK hydroskimming facility operation
1981 ... Construction and launch of the MTBE unit operation
1997 ... Commencement of the isomerisation unit operation
2001 ... Commencement of the FCC complex operation
2005 ... Commencement of the operation of a unit for separating FCC gasoline
2006 ... Construction of a bottling, storage and mixing facility for bio fuel production
2007 ... Commencement of the operation of a unit for selective hydrogenation of crack gasoline
2018 ... Reconstructed wastewater treatment plant put into operation​


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