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Refinery Litvínov
​The Litvínov – Záluží refinery is a modern and complete refinery with high hydro-refining capacity, operating two petroleum distillation units, four conversion units and a range of technological equipment for increasing the quality of primary distillation products. The overall annual processing capacity is 5.4 million tons of crude oil. Sulphurised crude oil is supplied to the refinery via the Druzhba or IKL pipeline. The main production process, which creates automobile gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied natural gas, includes the use of raw materials for the petrochemical products of ORLEN Unipetrol RPA, which is present in the same production site.
Besides these strategic products, other important products include heating oil, asphalt, oil hydrogenates serving for production of lubrication oils and elementary sulphur. The management of technological processes is concentrated in a modern control room, which provides a safe and modern equipped foundation to operators and technicians. Quality control testing is conducted in laboratories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
For product expedition, a modern roadway and rail terminals are used, which fulfill the technical, environmental and logistical requirements of the customers. Engine fuels are also transported through the product transport system to wholesale storage facilities throughout the Czech Republic.
History of the refinery in Litvínov
1939 ... Start of construction work
1942 ... Start of production of gasoline from brown coal produced in Most
1944-1945 ... Allied bombings disrupt production
1945 ... Post-war restoration of engine fuel production
1951 ... Processing of petroleum together with coal
1965 ... Commencement of supplies via the Druzhba Pipeline
1967 ... Atmospheric-vacuum distillation launched
1972 ... Hydrogenation processing of coal halted
1981–1983 ... New Litvínov Refinery (NRL) units are commissioned
1989 ... Commencement of new PSP hydrocracking units operation
1995 ... Commencement of continuous reforming CCR operation
1996 ... Merging of Litvínov refineries into Česká rafinérská
1999 ... Launch of visbreaking operation and new control room
2004 ... Modification of units for hydrogenation refining of natural gas oil, chambers 5 and 6, project segregation
2006 ... Development of a bottling, storage and mixing facility for production of bio fuels, re-launch of chamber 11
​2019 ... Modernization of the main T700 heating plant
2020 ... Start of operation of the training center and the fire brigade polygon
2020 ... Commissioning of the second part of the new polyethylene unit (PE3)
2021 ... New ethylene unit boiler room
2022 ... Start of operation of the dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) production unit​

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