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Ammonia Liquor Technical
General Characteristics

Ammonia liquor technical is a solution of synthetic ammonia in water. It is a colourless to slightly yellow caustic liquid of pungent ammonia odour.

Ammonia liquor is used as an intermediate for production of various chemicals, as a component for formulation of mixtures (mainly fertilizers), or as a processing aid, non-processing aid and auxiliary agent (e.g. nitrogen oxides reduction, neutralization agent, etc.).

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.




​Value Type A

Value Type A+

Test Method

Ammonia content

% wt.

min. 25

25 - 28

By densimeter

Residue after evaporation

% wt.

ma​x. 0,​03

max. 0,01


Packaging, Storage, Transportation
Ammonia liquor technical is delivered in road tank vehicles and in railway wagons.​


Safety sheet​ 

Business Condi​tions



Business Contacts​

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