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Raffinate II
General Characteristics

Raffinate II is a mixture of liquefied hydrocarbons predominantly with four carbon atoms in a molecule with prevailing contents of butenes. It is easily volatile, clear liquid of a distinct odor.

Basic Quality Parameters

Supply qualit

C3- hydrocarbons - %, max. 4
C4- hydrocarbons - %, min. 90
Butadiene - %, max. 0,1
C5- hydrocarbons and higher- %, max 1
Metanol - %, max. 5
MTBE - %, max.​​ 0,1
Obsah síry -, max. 20
Odparek -, max. 100

Raffinate II is used as heating gas in industrial facilities and for special purposes.

Packaging, Storage, Transportation
Raffinate II is supplied under pressure in railroad and road tankers. Relevant legal regulations must be followed during storage, transportation, and handling of raffinate II.

Transport Sign
RID/ADR: 2/2f
UN: 1965
Kemler: 23

Basic Safety Data
Raffinate II is highly volatile, flammable liquid, which is stored under pressure in pressure containers. When released into the environment with atmospheric pressure, vaporization by boiling at temperatures down to -40 °C occurs- causing a high risk of burns.
Raffinate II may contain methanol in the amounts of up to 5 %.

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.

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Delivery Terms and Conditions

Safety sheet

Business Contacts

Ing. Vítězslav Hobrlant
Head of ORP department

Tel. 476 505 031
mobil: 736 505 031
fax. 476 162 903

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