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Butane mix

General charact​eristics

Butane is​ a mixture of liquefied hydrocarbons, mostly with four carbons in the molecule with prevailing content of utane. Butane is in a liquid state easily volatile, and a colorless liquid with a distinct odor.


Butane is used for heating purposes in households, particularly in portable gas appliances or as raw material for pyrolysis.

Basic Q​uality Parameters

CSN 6​56481

Packa​ging, storage, transport

Butane is supplied under pressure in rail and road tankers. Storage, transportation and handling of butane must comply with legal regulations.

The product i​s classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.​



Delivery Terms and Conditions

2024  ​​


Safety she​et


Business Contacts

Ing. Vítězslav Hobrlant
Head of ORP department
+420 476 166 458
+420 736 505 031


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