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Binding Regulations and Information
At this website, only English versions of “Binding Regulations and Information” are stated.
The full list is available at the Czech version of the website.
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Unipetrol RPA​
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Service price list

Service price list 2019 - from January 1st, 2019


Company information Managing occupational safety and health risks by prevention and control measures applied to work activities 1.1.2018
​Safety report Safety report of Unipetrol RPA 5.3.2016​​
​IRZ Table ​Waste Report to IRZ from contractors ​1.1.2018
IMS Policy Integrated Management System Policy 25.5.2017
Directive 406 Electric Securing of Equipment for Engineering Repair 16.2.2013​
Directive 407 Mechanical Securing of Equipment 6.6.2015​
Directive 422 - Form 1 Requisition for installing a temporary electrical device 18.12.2017​
Directive 422 - Form 2b Permit to excavate, dig and perform landscape work - Kralupy ​18.12.2017
Directive 435 ​Permit to work ​16.7.2014
​Directive 443/1 - Annex 1 ​Locations of IDP 27.3.2018​
​Directive 443/1 - Annex 14 List of H2S caution signs - Kralupy ​27.3.2018​
​​Directive 443/1 - Annex 15 List of H2S caution signs - Litvínov​ 27.3.2018​​
​N norm - external Companies ​Providing of technical standards to external Companies ​---​

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